Campeltown Loch Pure Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

Ohne Farbstoff · Ohne Kältefiltrierung 0,7l 46% Vol

A combination of Ex-Bourbon and Ex-Sherry Casks

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Springbank 12 y.o. Cask Strength - 55,9% Limited Edition 2021 100% ex-bourbon *

Casks: 100% Bourbon Original Tasting Notes: Nose: The peat influence is immediately apparent on the nose, along with initial medicinal and aniseed notes from the Bourbon maturation. Butterscotch and toffee notes add a sweet element, followed by a creamy, nutty aroma. Palate: Creamy confectionery and smooth toffee follow through from the nose. Sweet lemon sponge cake, cream soda and turkish delight accompany the delicate peat influence. Finish: A smooth finish with hints of ginger and lemon zest. The gentle peat smoke endures to round off this cask strength whisky.  · 55,9% Vol. · 0,7 l

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Springbank 18 y.o. Cask Strength - 46% Limited Edition 2021 50% ex-bourbon and 50% ex-sherry*

Casks: 50% Bourbon, 50% Sherry Original Tasting Notes: Nose: Sweet and syrupy from the outset, the Springbank character is immediately prominent. Hints of honeycomb, treacle sponge and ginger-nut fuse with a fruity, strawberry undertone. Aromas of parma violets and raisins develop over time. Palate: Chopped hazelnuts and liquorice predominate the subtle smokiness from the peat. The maple syrup sweetness from the nose follows through, with a touch of wild berries and blackberries. Finish: A creamy, velvety finish with a salty note. Wood shavings, burnt embers and milk chocolate round off this malt.

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Springbank 10Jahre

0.7 Liter
Nicht kühlfiltriert
Ohne Farbstoff                

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Springbank 21 Jahre( 2017) 46% 0,7l

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Springbank 18 Jahre Release Autumn 2020 46% 0,7l

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Springbank Madaira Wood 17 Jahre 2002/2020

47,8 % Vol 0,7l Abgefüllt 2020

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